With the weather soaring to the mid 30s (°C) in London this week, there is most certainly no denying that summer time is well and truly here! At the time in the UK, pretty much everyone is clear about the fact that it’s time to start planning a getaway to relax, soak up the sun and have as much fun as possible. As it’s typical for European countries to almost do a swap of sorts over the summer holidays, our attention turns to our neighbours, France and the amazing beach holiday destinations on offer. The only thing better than French cuisine sometimes is French cuisine on the beach (sorry, my thoughts always turn to food) and these beach towns/cities are amongst the best to visit if you are considering a trip to France this summer:
7 Amazing Beach Holidays You Need To Go On In France! (1)

1.) Cannes: Although better know for it’s film festival, the city of Cannes is an idyllic holiday maker’s paradise with stunning beaches, amazing restaurants and a pretty solid nightlife. To be fair, there had to be a reason why all the celebrities flock there right? 😉
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (1)

2.) Antibes: Located about halfway between Cannes and Nice, Antibes boasts of amazing weather over summer – coupled with beautiful beaches which make it the perfect French summer getaway destination.
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (5)

3.) Saint-Tropez: Playground of the rich and famous – this is not a place that would typically come onto my radar straight away but I’ve been looking at potentially holidaying here and it’s not quite as expensive as it seems. Of course some things are (if you stay at only the poshest hotels and eat at only the nicest restaurants) but that can be said of any towns or cities really so have a gander at this beautiful French gem when you’re thinking of potentially holidaying in France.
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (2)

4.) Marseille: This is not quite as luxurious as some of the other places on this list (which, on the flip-side, means that it can be a more affordable option) but it is still worth visiting. In addition to the beach, the town has such a rich history and is ideal for the holidaymaker looking to get a decent mix of sight seeing and beach life.
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (4)

5.) Nice: Nice’s reputation precedes it. Even simply saying you’re thinking of going to Nice to your friends conjures up images of luxury, decadence and summer fun worth holding out for.It’s always ‘nice’ whenyou go on a beach holiday where there’s so much more to offer in addition to beautiful beaches and Nice is definitely one of those places in France that ticks all the right boxes.
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (3)

6.) Biarritz: This one actually came on my radar when my friend just wouldn’t shut up about it. It was a constant stream of tweets, Facebook updates and imessages with photos from the beach and sure enough, when I gave in and had a look at it, I very quickly realised why there was all the hype around it!

7.) Sérignan: This is perhaps one of the lesser known places to visit in France but the beach and it’s notoriously friendly locals are such a big draw to this place that it constantly crops up in our travel planning. You’ll struggle to find someone who has a bad word to say about Sérignan and that says it all really…
7 Beach Holidays You Should Go On In France! (6)

There you have it! Now your turn? Is there anywhere else in France you would recommend visiting for a beach holiday? Or have you holidayed in one of the places above and have any tips (or photos) you’d like to share? Do let me know! 🙂

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