France is beautiful, it’s one of those countries that’s just so much more than its beautiful cities. Of course you’ve got the stunning architecture and gorgeous sights to see in Paris… but there really is a whole country of incredible sights and beautiful places that are well worth a gander at during your trip to France.

As with any trip to any country, it can take many forms… it can stretch a few short and sweet days, to a few weeks or even a longer depending on how much time you want to savour this beautiful country. Regardless of the time, one thing is for certain, you’ll want to make sure you visit some key sights and stunning places that just ooze French charm during your visit!

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (1)

Take a look at 12 of our very favourite places to include on your next visit (or road trip) around France…

1) Lille

A Weekend In The Quaint French City Of Lille... Part 1 of 2 (13)

Lille is a historic 17th-century city that you don’t want to miss, especially as it’s so easy to get to via Eurostar from London (90 swift minutes from Kings Cross)…think Glorious squares, stunning architecture and romantic churches abound.

Don’t forget to pop into Méert for an indulgent afternoon of chocolate, sweets and all things cake, you’ll be spoilt rotten!

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2) Montgenèvre

Skiing In The French Alps... (5)

The French Alps almost need no introduction, but if you are driving down to the south-east of France then Montgenevre is not to be missed. The beautiful mountains, incredible ski slopes and stunning scenery are just out-of-this-world!

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3) Mont St Michel

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (9)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mont St Michel is a church, abbey, and village set atop an area of rocky ground that makes it look like it is erupting from the sea. a beautiful sight that has become world renowned! Make sure to head over around dusk to spot the glowing orange hues across the sea.

4) Bordeaux

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (7)

Arguably the wine capital of the world! Bordeaux is not to be missed and is full of rambling vineyards where you can take a tour and enjoy a glass of one of their delicious blends. It’s the perfect place to notch up some wine tasting skills (or just pretend you know what you’re doing). Make sure to grab a few bottles and find out more about the best years to buy.

5) Avignon

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (6)

Avignon in Provence is known for the song about its famous bridge, but there it much more to explore here. Not to be missed are the mansions and churches that date from the 17th century. Spend a day, or so, rambling through its winding streets and cobbled walkways – it really is picturesque.

6) The Luberon

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (5)

The Luberon region in Provence is known for its picturesque villages that have become known all across France.

Places To See And Visit In France Europe

Set among rolling countryside that is full of vineyards, this is rural France at its most beautiful and well worth a visit in the warmer months.

7) Fontainebleau Forest

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (8)

Fontainebleau Forest, just outside of Paris, is one of the most picturesque woodlands in all of France. Come here for bird watching, hiking, and climbing opportunities that is just a stone’s throw from the city itself… it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Parisian life.

8) Strasbourg

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (2)

Located in Alsace on the border with Germany, Strasbourg has a completely different feel to many other parts of France. Not to be missed here is a chance to enjoy the food which is a mix of French and German fare. Just take your expandable trousers… you will pile on a few pounds from the delicious cheese and fresh bread!

9) The Verdon Gorge

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (4)

Nestled close to the Alps-de-haute-Provence, the Verdon Gorge has to be seen to be believed, it’s truly incredible! At the bottom lies the Verdon River which runs for over 100 kilometres.

10) Versailles

12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (3)

When visitors thinks of Versailles they often imagine the famous palace, but Versailles is actually the name of the town that surrounds that palace as well. If you are setting out on a road trip from Paris then this is definitely a great first (or last) stop on your tour. Try and avoid some of the larger crowds by arriving early in the morning.

11) The Auvergne

France Volcano Visit

Located in the centre of France, the Auvergne is often overlooked in favour of the, more popular, south. The region is studded with spectacular volcanic landscapes and still has a strong tradition of agriculture and farming that’s gorgeous in the summer months. Hire a car and discover the quaint charm of the region.

12.) Dordogne Valley

The Beautiful French Village Of Martel... In Dordogne Valley, France (33)

Nestled close to Bordeaux, the Dordogne Region is one place that just screams rustic French beauty! This stunning region is filled with some of France’s most beautiful places, like Sarlat (think crooked rooftops and cobbled streets) and stunning vineyards that produce some of France’s most delicious wines. Don’t forget to also go truffle hunting in the Dordogne too!

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