Sydney is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world (here’s looking at you Opera House) and indeed, some of the most impressive beaches in the world so it’s pretty safe to say that finding a great view in the capital of New South Wales, Australia isn’t the hardest of tasks but with that in mind (and hopefully, a camera in hand) where should you go to get that amazing view (slash photograph) of Sydney?

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Well here are 10 places that promise just that!

The 10 Places To Get The Best Views In Sydney, Australia (1)

1.) Marvel at the city from Sydney Harbour Bridge

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The great thing about walking the length of Sydney Harbour bridge is that you see so much because the angle of your view constantly changes as you go along. The bridge is one of the most popular viewing points of the city, and if you’re feeling brave, you can even do the Bridge Climb for your adrenaline fix and an even better view.

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^Jetlag is real!

For what it’s worth, from below, the idea of walking the bridge (especially if you’ve been spoilt rotten by the tube in London…and now Uber, like we have) seems like a bit of trek but it’s a lot easier than it actually looks.

2.) Enjoy the cityscape from Luna Park

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That entry into the Luna Park is one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in the city (even though I’m pretty sure it isn’t mean to be) but this being said, the view from the Luna Park is one of the best and indeed most popular spots for viewing and photographing the Sydney skyline.

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The park offers unbeatable views of the city from the opposite side of Harbour Bridge, and the walkway along the waterfront means you can view the city from a variety of angles to find that perfect shot you’ve imagined. Also, this is where you’ll start or end the walk across the bridge so you know, you might as well pop in while you’re here!

3.) See the city from the water

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Step back from the city noise and take a relaxing ferry ride around the harbour for some really great views.

An Afternoon in Manly, Sydney, Australia (3)

We took one to Manly to go hang out with friend for the day (who coincidentally moved to Sydney from Melbourne on the exact same day we arrived into Sydney) and the view of the skyline, islands and rugged coastline from the boat is second to none!

16 Experiences You NEED To Have In Sydney, Australia! (1)

The views of course vary depending on the route, but if you choose right you can pass right under the Harbour Bridge, or round the side of the Opera House (we did this one).

4.) Sydney Opera House Up Close

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We all love panoramic view, but there are moments when you’ll find yourself totally awestruck a lot closer to your subject. Wandering around Circular Quay is one of those moments. We’ve all seen the Sydney Opera House on the TV and on postcards, but taking in its scale and design from right in front of it is an experience in Sydney you don’t want to miss!

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Speaking of unmissable experiences, one thing I highly recommend when you’re here is actually attending the opera in the opera house. We went to see the famous Giuseppe Verdi opera – Rigoletto, in the opera house though in addition to being blown away by the performance, I couldn’t get the song “La donna è mobile” out of my head for weeks! 😁 😆

5.) Sydney Opera House from the Botanic Gardens

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If you want a great shot of Sydney Opera House from a distance, the Botanic Gardens offer the perfect vantage point. The view of the world-famous city structure framed by the plant life of the gardens is truly magnificent. It’s the perfect place to take a moment to relax and really soak up that Sydney sunshine – which, even in winter, isn’t as hard to find as you’d think! (In fact, I’m pretty sure their winter was warmer than it was in London when we visited!)

6.) Cockatoo Island

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Okay, so it’s time to look at something other than the Opera House, what’s next? Cockatoo Island is one of the slightly different things worth checking out in Sydney. It’s a former prison grounds and a UNESCO World Heritage site with views of the old convict buildings as well as the Sydney skyline and Harbour Bridge. No Opera House, though (which if you’ve already done the top 5 I’m pretty sure you’d have had your fill of it by now).

7.) George’s Head

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Once you’ve viewed the distant city, beachy landscapes and unbelievably blue harbour waters of Sydney from George’s head, it’ll probably come as no surprise to you that George’s Head is a popular wedding venue. You can’t beat the 180-degree view on offer here, and being a little further out of the city, you get to take in some of the gorgeous surrounding landscapes as well as those familiar city sights.

8.) Cremorne Reserve

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For something different and to soak up a bit of nature, head over to the North Shore of Sydney Harbour. The Cremorne Reserve offers beautiful views of the harbour whilst giving your the opportunity to step out of the city for a while and enjoy Sydney away from the big attractions and the noise of the city centre.

9.) The city centre from the Sydney Tower Eye

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For a fantastic aerial view of the city, you can’t beat the Sydney Tower Eye. With its glass-floor Skywalk 286 metres above the ground, you can look directly down at the bustling streets and the city’s main attractions. You can also look beyond Sydney towards the Blue Mountains and the Pacific Ocean to take in the wider scenery of the city. The view (and the sheer height of the tower) will leave you pretty impressed.

10.) See the city from the air

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And if the Sydney Tower Eye just doesn’t seem high enough, a helicopter tour across the city (or around the bay) will definitely be right up your steet! You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the city from above on your flight in but, failing this, a dedicated helicopter tour will make sure you get the most out of being high above the city by taking you on a route over all the key sights to see in the city. Suffice to say, your photos from this high will be unlike any of the other vantage view spots in the city.

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