St. Kitts is one stunning Caribbean country to explore! It’s one of those little islands that, if I’m honest, hadn’t heard too much about before we visited. It might look any other Caribbean island on the surface but there are so many amazing things to do in St Kitts. These all easily make St Kitts … Continue Reading

Body still aching from our hike up the volcano the day before, I was only too happy to be hopping aboard the St Kitts Scenic Railway – the only working train line in all of the Caribbean and one that involved a whole lot of rum and stunning island views. The train carriages have two … Continue Reading

After spending several nights in Basseterre, the capital city of St Kitts, it finally dawned on me that we’d actually never properly seen the city. We’d been pretty much zipping through the island from one fun activity to the next but hadn’t had any real time in the city. To correct that, we set off … Continue Reading

The beautiful little island of St Kitts is one I’d been looking forward to visiting for a while. The plan to visit had been on the books for ages and yet somehow, it managed to surprise me when it was time to hop aboard that BA flight in search of Caribbean sunshine. St Kitts promised … Continue Reading

After a spot of lunch on the beach and a rather lazy stretch in the sunshine, we decided to get ourselves in gear and go on a jet ski! Thing is, it was the first time for either of us (I think I’d kinda been terrified of jet skis before) so it was a bit … Continue Reading

The next day in St Kitts, I woke up with a surprising pain in my foot! Turns out, I hurt myself really badly on the beach the evening before from jumping around and chasing the little sandpipers on the beach. It was the stupidest thing really – I just loved watching them all march away … Continue Reading

I’m literally writing this from my hotel room in St Kitts (not sure how pertinent that is but just felt like something I needed to say). My intrigue with St Kitts actually started on a different Caribbean island, where over a lunch-time conversation with stranger-turned-new friends, I found out that St Kitts is actually, officially … Continue Reading

On our final day in St Kitts, we woke up to what was something of a surprise – clouds in the sky! It’d been sunny all week that the idea of rain here almost seemed impossible. 😀 (which is silly of course because rain is why the island is so lush and green). Don’t let … Continue Reading

I’m always scared of hard hikes. Actually, maybe scared isn’t the right word to use. My unease stems from a sense of performance anxiety so I guess what I really am is nervous when it comes to hard hikes. I know I can do them but I also know I have to do it at … Continue Reading

Nestled right on the West Coast, San Diego is one epic place to visit in California. With gorgeous beaches, historic districts and enough foodie spots to fill any tummy, it’s the kind of city that’s perfect for a long weekend trip. In fact, there are so many epic and best things to do in San … Continue Reading

The UK has an amazing coastline to explore! There are loads of little villages, gorgeous bays and dramatic cliffs that make for some of the best seaside holidays in the UK. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that we Brits have a raw deal when it comes to seaside spots. It’s true, we don’t have the … Continue Reading

Bermuda is a gorgeous island to explore and a totally idyllic place to chill out, relax and explore on a trip. That being said, the island also has a fair few of the best things to do in Bermuda that are dotted all across the island. This, can, make it harder to whittle down a … Continue Reading

You’re getting hitched! Congratulations! Mazel tov! The question has been popped and you’re both almost going to run down that aisle! It’s a pretty exciting time that’s filled with lots of emotions, memories and a pinch lot of stress. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit … Continue Reading

We all want an epic and the best holiday deals, that goes without saying! Best of all, there’s no need to compromise on the travel experiences you love. This guide isn’t about compromise, it’s about still getting exactly what you like, without paying a hefty premium. To be honest, I find it really interesting how … Continue Reading