There’s going to be a new feature on the Hand Luggage Only website! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 😉 And it’s one that we hope you will find useful…

Okay, this is very much new and we’re very open to suggestion on how to improve it as we go along but you know how I constantly go on and on about how much we love reading your comments, travel tips and recommendations (which, by the way, I use all the time when we travel)? Judging from past comments, emails, tweets and Facebook messages, the typical person who reads Hand Luggage Only (I’m talking to you here) is actually quite intelligent, opinionated and really helpful! That sounds like some kinda backhanded compliment to ourselves but it’s the truth, YOU are not afraid to speak up if you don’t agree with something, help out with really useful information and play by your own rules so I figured it was high time to create a space to allow you share your experiences and help other travellers out there too.

I feel like if we all share our knowledge and experiences of the different parts of the world we live in or indeed have travelled to, then we can all collectively help each other see more of the world and make the most of travelling across the world…. Or, we could all have a laugh and enjoy some good old fashioned travel banter! 😉 The choices are limitless and the possibilities are entirely up to you! 😉 🙂

Boy, do I love to ramble. I just realised that I haven’t actually said what this new addition is – the new addition is the TRAVEL RECOMMENDATIONS  forum!!!

What is it?” You ask… It’s essentially a chance to share (and also learn about) up to date tips and tricks on things to see, do and eat on your travels and everything else in between.

The structure is pretty straight forward – there are three main sections:

1.) SEE – which is where you can write about any recommendations on things to see and do in whatever city/town/village you choose to write about – including any upcoming events in the city of your choice! (With summer approaching, I can’t wait to keep you update with the amazing summer activities planned in London)

2.) EAT – which is where you can provide recommendations on places to eat including any personal experiences you may have had! Extra points if you know of any hidden gems and amazing restaurants no one has ever heard of. (Those kind of restaurants can sometimes be the best!)

3.) FREEBIES – Any free city guides or tips and tricks would fall into this category. Know a free event happening in New York this weekend? Put it here. Free cupcakes at London Bridge? …which, by the way, happens more often than you’d think… put that in here! Basically, if it’s free, it should go in this category.

Under of theseSEE, EAT and FREEBIES categories, you’ll find continents (to help make navigation easier). Within the continents, you will be able to add your travel recommendations along with a link any blog or website with more information (if you want to). Pretty simple right? {Click here for an example post in the forum}

(If you blog, don’t forget to leave a link to your blog too!) 😉

I have no idea if this new travel recommendations forum is something you would even want or need but I guess the only way you and I will know is by trying it out and seeing if it is of any use to you. I, personally, am hoping it is as I know I love hearing about your travel experiences (yes, yes, we all know I’m a bit slow on replying to comments but I will reply soon enough – I always reply) and not just that I love hearing about your experiences but your tips are my go to travel guide for places I’ve never been to. Heck, even in the places I’ve been to, your advice is always invaluable!


To avoid spam (which apparently can be quite a big problem), the rules are fairly simple.

1.) Don’t just post links to blog posts or websites without any information. Feel free to post as many links as you want but do give us a brief summary of what the any links (to your blog or any other website) is about so we all know that the tip is relevant and not just spammy.

2.) No malicious behaviour. This is a forums to allow people be open and share their experiences and so it needs to be safe space for people to do so. Anyone found being nasty or vindictive to someone else will be promptly disbanded from our merry band of travellers. 🙂

3.) Post as often as you want but please try not repeat the same thing over and over again in different threads. Not that I think you would of course but just though it best to mention it.

If there’s something you would like to see added or removed, send us an email on the contact page and we’ll look to into it as soon as possible.


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