One of the best things about all the amazing areas in London is how diverse each of their foodie scenes is. You see, neighbourhoods like; Covent Garden, Whitechapel and Kings Cross all have their fair share of amazing restaurants, with Notting Hill being no exception. Now, in my opinion, there are a heap of the … Continue Reading

Our trip to the Isles of Scilly was one that has been long-awaited! Earlier this year, I said to Lloyd how much I wanted to see more of the UK and Ireland. Case in point – living in Edinburgh a while back, I had taken it for granted and it was only after a long stint … Continue Reading

I slept very well on Saturday night in lovely Bristol. Between the amazing meal from the night before and the brilliant hotel, I pretty much conked out as soon as I hit the hotel room. There’s just something fantastic about getting a good night’s sleep that’s irreplaceable. Sunday morning had arrived and that meant returning … Continue Reading

Burgers well and truly demolished (and satisfyingly so) I figured it was time to pack in as much of the harbour festival as was left of it for the day before heading back to the hotel for a bit of pool time pre-dinner. Everyone was having such a glorious time and I was in high … Continue Reading

My last trip to Santorini, Greece was absolutely fantastic! The people, the culture, the islands and, of course, the food all come together to make Greece one of my favourite destinations! I even did a little research on some islands that I want to visit. I’d love to go to Milos, or Zakynthos (a.k.a. Zante)… … Continue Reading

*Warning: As with most of my posts from Croatia, this is another photo-heavy post. 🙂 Makarska is a small city by the sea in Croatia (not too far from Split) and is easily becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia! When I visited, it was fairly easy to see why.  The day … Continue Reading

One of the biggest sights I’d wanted to see in Bergen was the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bryggen. I’d spoken about it on the blog before and so when we finally booked our flights to Bergen, this was something I’d put at a high priority on my itinerary! First things first though, we checked … Continue Reading

We arrived in the evening and made a beeline straight for our abode for the night  – the Cornarro Hotel. The location of this hotel, by the way, is perfect for a trip to Split as it’s a short walk from the major sights in the city! We were welcomed with sweet and a bottle … Continue Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these kinda days in London… London is glorious in summer time! There’s just so much more stuff to do and with the sun shining brightly, very little excuse not to to do said stuff! Even on slightly overcast days like today, the sun managed to peek … Continue Reading

Santorini is an absolute traveller’s delight! The colourful houses, picturesque sunsets, beautiful villages and amazing weather all make for an amazing idyllic getaway from the stress of daily life. In addition to all of these, one of the biggest draws to Santorini, which I guess sometimes get overshadowed by its beauty, is the yummy Greek … Continue Reading

… because some of the most charming parts of Luxembourg are outside of Luxembourg city! We started off our final day in Luxembourg with a short bus ride to a little city called Echternach. As it turned out, this day in Echternach as it was Whit Tuesday and every year on Whit Tuesday, Echternach holds a dancing procession where … Continue Reading

Sometimes, there’s nothing I like more than a food post, especially when it details the very best burgers in Berlin! Today’s we’ve brought back an old favourite – local recommendations. Simon Algren from Berlin knows a thing or two about epic burgers and has put together, 10 yummy burger joints you have to visit in Berlin. … Continue Reading

I recently discovered an amazing food market in London. It’s in Leather Lane and has all sorts of food stall from all over the world which just entice you with the mouth watering sights and delicious fragrances coming from them. Once I was actually able to contain my excitement (which I was only able to … Continue Reading

It wasn’t really ‘a day’ as much as it was ‘an evening’ as we had to hurriedly drop the car at the airport in Pisa and make our way over to Florence via other means. This was by bus to be exact. See, the train has issues, it kinda works but you still have to … Continue Reading