There are lots of claims around ‘super-foods’… some relatively practical, while others seem quite far fetched, making it hard to know what will benefit you while you travel. Whether you’re a super-food fanatic or a non-believer in their abilities, I want to share my essential list of superfoods that are supported by those all-knowing nutritionalists … Continue Reading

…or perhaps even just for your own enjoyment! Party season is definitely upon us. You can’t seem to pop into Facebook without seeing at least one photo/status update about some party one of your friends has been to. Or maybe you’re that friend who keeps putting those photos up? 🙂 Well, this time last year, … Continue Reading

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s a place called Bubby’s and it is amazing! As a foodie (by foodie, I mean I am crazy about eating food), this is not something I say lightly. Plus, I did the research before heading over with Lloyd and Georgia – like seriously, we scoured the internet and … Continue Reading

Chances are that if you’ve ever visited Lisbon, you’ve already fallen in love with this amazing Portuguese city. If you haven’t then you’re in for quite a treat! Lisbon is such a vibrant city and even though it’s quite big – it still manages to feel very intimate. I think a lot of this is … Continue Reading

Paris has some of Europe’s most mouthwatering restaurants and not just because of the food (though, of course, that a huge part of it). These Parisian restaurants are some of the very best spots in Paris to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best views across this most picturesque of cities. Better still, … Continue Reading

Cuba is a country that’s filled with so many things to do and see. With its stunning beaches, all the things to do in Havana and it’s incredible food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is why I wanted to share some of the best Cuban food to try on your next trip over. After … Continue Reading

New York is a cultural melting pot, this is no more evident than through the range of delicious food and eateries that are dotted across this amazing city.  With thousands of amazing restaurants, eateries and canteens to choose, it can be hard to find the right place to grab a bite to eat. Take a look at some … Continue Reading

A trip to Barcelona is definitely incomplete without a (mandatory) culinary sampling of at least a couple of restaurants in Barcelona! We’ll be visiting Barcelona later this year and as anyone who’s ever planned a trip to Barcelona will tell you, we’re pretty excited! I usually never plan in advance when it comes to food … Continue Reading

You read correctly… there are actual places where you can source, hunt and forage for truffles in Britain… Surprised? I was! All around our land there is an abundance of places where those shy truffles are hiding, and all you need to find them is a little information, a ‘hunter’ and some sheer determination. They Taste … Continue Reading

There are so many amazing places in South Korea to visit, though let’s be honest, no trip is complete without gorging on some of that yummy South Korean food.  Obviously, there are so many reasons of course to want to visit Korea but one of the biggest reasons to visit is it’s cuisine. My Korean … Continue Reading

  Do you remember Caroline Sølver who brought us all this great guide on free things to do in Berlin? A guide I’m gonna be finding useful very soon as we’ve organised a huge group trip to Berlin – there are 16 of us going and typically, trying to organising group holidays is like herding cats but … Continue Reading

Okay, so this isn’t normally the type of post I write, but I really wanted to share something personal with you. Over the course of the last 18 months, my weight has slowly crept up by 24lb (almost 11kg)! At first I didn’t notice it… then, after a while, I tried to “ignore” it until … Continue Reading

Before I even get started, I’d just like to say – Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries we’ve had the pleasure of visiting this year. Morning drives (which usually means a quick nap for me – I’m a sucker for naps when someone else is driving) were so different here as your eyes … Continue Reading

After a rather cloudy but ridiculously beautiful day in Tresco, the sun upped its game the next day and we headed off to go explore another island we’d wanted to for a while – St Agnes! This meant sailing past an old favourite – Bryher… …with Lloyd pretending (to himself mostly) that he was the … Continue Reading