Today, we got an alert saying that Hand Luggage Only (yup, the very same one you’re reading this on right now), just hit the 1 million monthly page views milestone. 1 Million!!! WOW!!! 🎉 I can’t even fully process it – mostly because I can’t picture 1 million of one thing in the same place. … Continue Reading

3 years ago, to this day exactly, in my college room back at Cambridge University I found myself with a free day. This almost never happened! See, you know the way you see photos of students at Uni fooling around and kicking it in the pub on a Saturday? That wasn’t our lot on my course. … Continue Reading

… yeah, you know its coming so grab yourself a glass of bubbly while I sit down and brace yourself while I sing your praises! 😀 But first, I’m going to break with protocol and talk a bit more about numbers. This year, we’ve seen numbers on the blog grow to amounts we couldn’t even … Continue Reading

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for quite a few months now and somehow never quite managed to get this up until now! The place in question is Le Pop – which is at home in the Le Méridien, located right on La Rambla – Barcelona’s most popular street. Now it might seem … Continue Reading

Especially so if you’re visiting Barcelona to have a good time! Taking in all the sights to see in Barcelona is so much fun but it’s also pretty hungry business and so, after a long and fulfilling day sightseeing with locals (and one filled many things Gaudi), all we (and our feet) wanted to do was … Continue Reading

We arrived in Valencia fairly late in the evening and although it wasn’t quite midnight, by the time, we were picked up at the airport, checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner, it was getting closer and closer to midnight. By this point though, past experience had already taught us to expect dinner fairly … Continue Reading

It’s gotta be said, lazy days in Ibiza, feel like they’re almost mandatory. Doesn’t matter where you are on the island or even why you came, there’s always a more chilled vibe during the day time in Ibiza (swiftly followed by a manic, borderline-crazy energy at nights) which is so different from everyday life back … Continue Reading

My name’s Lloyd and I have a confession… I’ve got a major sweet tooth that just won’t quit! And I know I say problem but honestly, its not something that I feel the need to change. Chocolate is my kryptonite but in the absence of chocolate, I’ll take anything else that’s available! You might remember … Continue Reading

Our arrival in Ibiza was straight off the heels of our time wine tasting draaanking in Slovenia and, seeing as we wanted to make the most of the time there, we made the decision to leave on one of the earliest flights out of London to Ibiza. This seemed like such an amazing decision till we … Continue Reading

I wanted to write this post almost immediately after we returned from the restaurant! If it weren’t for my food haze and subsequent indulgence in some South African red wine, I would have been singing the praise of this place almost as soon as we got back to the Singa Lodge. How did we find … Continue Reading

Wandering around Gdansk is understandably distracting (Reason 1 and Reason 2 are right here) and although we’d spotted where we were eventually going to have lunch hours before lunch, it wasn’t until I realised how much I needed to pee that I realised how hungry I was. 😂 I hurriedly dragged my motley crew of … Continue Reading

Forget Champagne, Prosecco and Merlot, you can actually make your own delicious wine out of oak leaves! Yes, you read that correctly, oak leaves!  Okay, so champagne cocktails and tipples are pretty fantastic but I’m sure you can squeeze some room into your wine drinking pallet for this little gem of a drink! Where Did Oak Leaf Wine … Continue Reading

Okay, so every year, especially when visiting family and friends, I love to make my (not so) famous indulgent fluffy gin and tonic waffles. Yes, you read that right… gin and tonic waffles. Somehow it has become my signature dish that I tend to rock out at most dinner parties, breakfast/brunch or special occasion. I have … Continue Reading

There are lots of claims around ‘super-foods’… some relatively practical, while others seem quite far fetched, making it hard to know what will benefit you while you travel. Whether you’re a super-food fanatic or a non-believer in their abilities, I want to share my essential list of superfoods that are supported by those all-knowing nutritionalists … Continue Reading