These are items that you probably never heard of before or even considered buying but you’re in need of them and here’s why! 1.) Mini Projectors: How else would you have gotten to watch the Breaking Bad finale on the go? This will save you from screaming and rushing in a mad panic for the remote … Continue Reading

This is not a commentary or observation on the antique shop itself but instead on the items themselves. Indeed there were so many antiques homeware in the shop that I absolutely love and will share with you on a later date. ­čÖé I grew up reading Enid Blyton books and I still have fond memories … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** Travelling the world is absolutely amazing but even more amazing than that is being able to do so for free! Here are a few find this week that might be able to help you do so. 1.) Head over to South Africa? 2.) …or visit the Scottish Highlands. 3.) Get a stay … Continue Reading

For some reason still unbeknownst to me, I had never been to a car boot sale! That is until this weekend and boy was it an experience and a half. On the one hand, there is a lot of rubbish on sale – from old lipstick (still unused of course) to tattered coats which are … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** Judging from the popularity of the last “Starter for 10” post, it’s safe to say that you love the opportunity to travel – especially so when it’s free! I am exactly the same and have spent the last few hours rummaging the internet for ways to travel the world for free. Here are some … Continue Reading

Heads up – this isn’t my usual blog post but I have to make an exception as I really want to share this with you. I have no idea who said this originally but I couldn’t agree with it more (if you do know who wrote/said this, please do let me know). I suppose this … Continue Reading

Kings Cross St Pancras is one of London’s most iconic buildings. I still remember vividly the first time I saw it – I was transfixed and stared at it in awe for ageeees! Well till we drove past it anyway. ­čÖé Back then, I remember the whole neighbourhood being slightly grimy yet this in now way … Continue Reading

I’m a sucker for converted open spaces – I’ve said time and time how much I love the juxtaposition of the old and new in these living spaces (yes, these are not just ‘apartments’ to me, they’re so much more than that)┬áand judging from your comments on here, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you’re fans of … Continue Reading

I’m too excited to sit still – I’ve almost fallen off my chair in excitement and no, this is not one of those times where I’ve had way too many cups of coffee! I’m very pleased to announce that *cue dramatic pause* THE DEPARTURE LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN!!! Confused? What is The Departure Lounge? I … Continue Reading

I’m a sucker for beaches – I love the smell, the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves, the sunshine, relaxing with drinks on them… Darn! Got that silly Pi├▒a┬ácolada song stuck in my head now! “If you like Pi├▒a┬áColadas…” The thought of beaches and this weekend got me thinking about what comes naturally with them … Continue Reading

This is one of the easiest party decorations you’ll find out there (and one of the cheapest too). Best part is that it adds such a cool effect to your party and can be installed in pretty much any room at the party! Cue – the Dance-floor Disco Balloons! All you need are the following: … Continue Reading

Simple and very quick to do! All you need are: 1.) Old tin(s) 2.) A nail (or something similar to punch holes in the tin – and a hammer of course) 3.) Tea Lights (real or fake) First things first, remove the lid on the tin – we do need a way to get our … Continue Reading

I found some fantastic shelves and racks that I just couldn’t wait to share! How amazing are these? They also have the potential to change your living area so much! I think my favourite thing about them is how unusual they are ┬á– the patterns are borne of regular everyday patterns but used in a … Continue Reading

Yes – the Ellen┬áDeGeneres! Turns out she loved redecorating homes and then selling them off. Anyway, there was a feature this week on her and it’s the first time I even knew she was a property mogul of some sort. Figured I might as well pass on this info – along with photos of a … Continue Reading