The past week (and a half) has been so stressful! I kinda forgot how tricky house hunting in London was and got a full reminder this past week. Thankfully, it’s all sorted now! I really want to show you around but I can’t just yet as I have nothing in the flat (the most valuable … Continue Reading

Been meaning to do this giveaway for ages now but somehow hadn’t gotten round to it but today, for some reason, I finally figured I’d stop procrastinating and get it done. I’ve been know to go on and on about photography and this giveaway involves a nifty set of 55mm Natural Density (ND) filters for … Continue Reading

Found these photos I took on Christmas day in the past and wanted to share them with you! I basically just went around the house, taking photos and scoffing everything I could lay my hands on (without my hands getting smacked away of course). This is a collection of the various things that went on … Continue Reading

One of the best part about winter is getting home, escaping the freezing weather outside and getting nice and toasty in your apartment/house. Even better still – wearing your PJs way too early in the day and hunkering down in front of the fire place (if you have one) or the TV and doing nothing … Continue Reading

Being a sucker for a beautifully designed home, it was pretty obvious that I would not only be taken with Jeff Sheldon‘s home working space but that I would have to share it with you all!     What do you reckon folks? Pretty sweet isn’t it?

Let’s jump into it, shall we?   1.) Kicking things off is this amazingly warm and spacious apartment with a lovely cosy feel! It gives the feeling of being a family home (and child friendly) but that open fire place says otherwise. Big plus point, you get lots of light and direct sunlight into the flat! … Continue Reading

Following the release of the Hand Luggage App for Android Phones, we’re pleased to announce that The Hand Luggage Only app is now available for download for iPhones! (Whoop! Whoop!!!)

Growing up, watercolours used to seem so amateurish to me. Probably because this was the first medium I tried to use to paint and as you probably already know, I am a terrible painter/artist. I can’t draw, I can’t really paint and even if you asked me to draw a dog now, I’m pretty sure … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a sucker for clean and airy spaces (which typically tend to be painted white) but lately, I found myself more and more interested in pastel colours (by lately, I mean over the past 6 months or so). My obsession with pastel colour hasn’t been a conscious thought-out process, it has been more … Continue Reading

There is more inspiration in these homes than you can shake a stick at! I would like to have a version of every single one of these in my dream home (or at least element of each). I’m basically in “home lust” now… (Google it, “home lust” is definitely a legit thing. 😉 )   … Continue Reading

This is us. Halloween 2013. Okay, this is not my typical type of post but Halloween is right around the corner and it’s something of a party emergency! 🙂 Every year it creeps up on me – obliviously enjoying my October until… Wham! The dreaded word starts to appear everywhere from all my friends (and … Continue Reading

This one is so easy that pretty much anyone can do this in a matter of mere minute! A nice and somewhat quirky way to store wine glasses (which are always a pain to store in cupboards or drawers – especially so when they’ve just been washed and need to dry) is to hang them … Continue Reading

Offices so cool, they seem almost a crime to do any work in them! 1.) So. Much. Colour. It’s like the skittles factory exploded in here. Nah, scratch that – if Skittles and Rainbows had babies, I believe it would look like this office. I love it!   2.) I mean, Come on! There’s a … Continue Reading

I’m a sucker for a nicely decorated home and I think increasingly, the use of beautifully designed (yet functional) appliances can be one way to spruce up your kitchen, living room or even bedroom. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with getting a really nice coffee machine, once that can take me from actual coffee beans to a … Continue Reading