For starters – very hard! Not impossible (far from actually) but still hard.

The trail itself is actually easy enough, it’s never so steep that you can’t handle it – what truly gets you is the fact that you’re in one of the highest altitudes in the world (even higher than Machu Picchu or Cusco) and the lack of oxygen in the air means you’re constantly struggling to catch your breath!

When you do get there though, the hike is totally worth it!


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What Is It Like To Hike Up To Peru's Amazing Rainbow Mountains? (2)

You definitely have to get a guide to do this hike.

Our guides at Flashpacker Connect not only know the route and how to best handle it but they are there to handle any emergencies. They even carry oxygen with them, just in case you need this. Remember, you’re in one of the most unusual places in the world – expert knowledge is not to be discounted here!

*Sidebar; I made it about halfway before deciding to get a horse. The horse still doesn’t take you the entire way. For your safety, you have to get off to walk through the steeper bits and the long bit at the end. Lloyd and the others trekked the entire way!

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