Following, our (rather lazy) first evening in Madrid, we decided that we would do our very best to make up for it the next day by cramming in as many of the best things to do in Madrid as we possibly could.  Thankfully, as it turns out, Madrid is quite a walkable city which is … Continue Reading

Only ten reasons? Well, trust me there’re a lot more than that but I wanted to really share some of the top ones that’ll hopefully get you thinking of visiting Menorca. Honestly, the island is totally stunning and there is so many things to do in Menorca that are perfect in the summer months. 1.) … Continue Reading

And it’s pretty hard to get into, though not for the reasons you might think! (More about that further down) The northern part of Ibiza couldn’t be any more different from the south! Granted it’s still got the same beautiful scenery and amazing spots to watch the sunset but the North is quiet, serene and … Continue Reading

Our arrival in Ibiza was straight off the heels of our time wine tasting draaanking in Slovenia and, seeing as we wanted to make the most of the time there, we made the decision to leave on one of the earliest flights out of London to Ibiza. This seemed like such an amazing decision till we … Continue Reading

The Basque Country is one of those gorgeous regions in northern Spain that’s so stunning to explore. For me, the name itself makes it sound like it’s a different place entirely. It’s such a stunning area of Spain and you’ll have the best time exploring. Just make sure to pay attention to some of our … Continue Reading

The Balearic Islands are a totally stunning place for a holiday in the Mediterranean that’s perfect for any type of traveller. Though, it can be hard to pinpoint just one island to visit. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the best things to do in Menorca as it’s one of my … Continue Reading

Ibiza is an island that’s filled with some of the greatest parties and stunning scenery in all the world! There really is an Ibiza that is perfect for everyone! From the beautiful more rustic north of the island, to the beautiful sunsets across the dramatic cliffs at Es Vedre – Ibiza really does spoil its visitors! … Continue Reading

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been exploring the length and breadth of the stunning Spanish island of Menorca. Thing is, Menorca is often overlooked for it’s the bigger sister island of Majorca or it’s party-loving sister, Ibiza and I’m just gonna come out and say it – Menorca is one stunning gem of … Continue Reading

Spain has a whole range of gorgeous cities, lesser-known spots and a heap of incredible places to see dotted all across the country. Now, the south of Spain is already pretty popular, but there’s a heap of the best places in the north of Spain that you really shouldn’t miss, too. That’s the thing about … Continue Reading

I’ve never been one to diet or watch my weight. I grew up eating whatever I wanted when I wanted and seemed to get away with it. This, of course, was until lately where I just noticed the pounds piling on an on and despite, what I have to admit now was a rather shoddy … Continue Reading

Europe, without a doubt, has a breadth of amazing places to visit. You’ve got the most dramatic things to do in Iceland, the picture-perfect Cinque Terre and, of course, the best areas in London. Honestly, there is so much more to look forward to when you’re planning a trip to Europe. Now, you might remember from our Instagram … Continue Reading

There’s no denying it (not that we’d want to anyway) – summer is just around the corner and with it comes the possibility of many adventures around the globe. Adventures and the chance to travel is great whatever time of the year it is but there’s something truly irresistible about travelling when the sun’s out. … Continue Reading

Truth be told until we arrived in Fuerteventura, I’d never even heard of, let alone thought of visiting Betancuria; terrible, I know!  Even after arriving in this gorgeous village, I still struggled to pronounce the name properly (still not sure if I know how to pronounce it properly now actually but I think it’s miles … Continue Reading

Ibiza is (justifiably) famous the world over as a brilliant place to visit in summer! The island fills with visitors from all over the world looking for one of the most unique islands experiences the world over. Ibiza’s parties are famous – as are it’s clear blue waters and although these things are available long … Continue Reading