As you probably already know, we’ve been loving our time in Valencia.  We’d been hot air ballooning, midnight feasting and had a whole host of other experiences just waiting to be had in Valencia so I was understandably excited pretty much my entire time there. On this particular morning, however (after breakfast at the hotel), … Continue Reading

After seeing the magnificent Puente Nuevo bridge, (especially coupled with that uphill walk), all I could think about was lunch! (Yes, even before carrying on with exploring the rest of the city). As it turns out, lunch was quite an unremarkable affair so I’ll just skip past that one, and instead take you on a … Continue Reading

Ronda is a pretty old Spanish city and I don’t say that lightly either! The city dates back to Neolithic times (approximately 10,000BC) so if ever you were looking for a place to explore Spanish history – this would be a pretty good place to start! Thankfully, after our time in Malaga, we decided to … Continue Reading

Especially so if you’re visiting Barcelona to have a good time! Taking in all the sights to see in Barcelona is so much fun but it’s also pretty hungry business and so, after a long and fulfilling day sightseeing with locals (and one filled many things Gaudi), all we (and our feet) wanted to do was … Continue Reading

Ibiza needs little introduction! It’s the kind of place that has so meant epic things to do and a heap of the best places to see in Ibiza that you’re gonna be spoilt for choice. It’s an island of diversity and one that has a little something for every type of visitor.  So much more … Continue Reading

Ibiza is a funny little cookie. It’s a hedonistic getaway on one end of the spectrum and a holistic holiday at the other. It attracts a crowd so diverse that it’s hard to pin-point one specific ‘type of traveller’ the island is suited to. In fact, its probably safe to say Ibiza’s best visitors are … Continue Reading

Barcelona is an absolute gem of a city to visit and is justifiably one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. There’s no shortage of amazing sights to see, things to do and delicious foods to eat, too. In fact, most of our regular haunts have come from tips for visiting Barcelona from … Continue Reading

One of the most surprising things about the Canary Island of Fuerteventura is without a doubt its ever-changing landscape. One minute you’re sailing through clear blue water, the next you’re running through endless sand dunes and before you know it, you’re surrounded by absolutely stunning mountains and rolling hills (very akin to the Atlas mountains … Continue Reading

We arrived in Valencia fairly late in the evening and although it wasn’t quite midnight, by the time, we were picked up at the airport, checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner, it was getting closer and closer to midnight. By this point though, past experience had already taught us to expect dinner fairly … Continue Reading

It’s gotta be said, lazy days in Ibiza, feel like they’re almost mandatory. Doesn’t matter where you are on the island or even why you came, there’s always a more chilled vibe during the day time in Ibiza (swiftly followed by a manic, borderline-crazy energy at nights) which is so different from everyday life back … Continue Reading

There’s always an excuse to visit Spain! It’s one incredible country to explore, especially with all the best places across the country, the totally stunning beaches and gorgeous areas in Northern Spain that are too gorgeous to miss. This is exactly why I wanted to share some tips for visiting Spain that I’ve learned over … Continue Reading

It’s Spanish tapas… not as you know it! From the moment I first heard about Sa Brisa in Ibiza (or was it when I first saw photos of it…?), I knew I had to check this out at some point in between having what turned out to be a rather lazy day at the Giri for my birthday, I mustered … Continue Reading

The Giri Cafe – quaint, beautiful cafe by day, amazing restaurant by night! But more on that in a moment… Instead, let’s step back a couple of hours to The Giri Residence (the most amazing luxury hotel owned by the same people) where we’d decided to try on the 24 hour breakfast. Essentially, rather than you … Continue Reading

Malaga is easily one of the most underrated cities in Spain. It’s often seen as a gateway to other more popular places in Southern Spain and despite having one of Spain’s most popular cities, it’s pretty much used as a transit city. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot going on in Malaga. For … Continue Reading