Spain is a totally gorgeous country to explore, from the stunning beaches, beautiful places in the north to the most epic Spanish cities, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice on where to visit. This is especially true if you’re heading on a city break, like Madrid. You see, there are some many incredible and best … Continue Reading

Spain is such a diverse country to explore! It’s got a heap of history and a load of the best Spanish towns to visit that are dotted all over the country. From the breathtaking heights of Ronda, the stunning Salamanca to the totally delicious vineyards towns in La Rioja; they’re totally stunning to see.  Now, … Continue Reading

Waking up to sunshine in the Canary Islands and knowing how cold it was when you left London truly doesn’t lose its appeal! 🙂 After our day out exploring Lobos island and sailing the Canary Island, we figured we would spend the next day exploring more of Fuerteventura, albeit on land this time. Starting with … Continue Reading

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from the Canary Islands. I knew they are islands off the coast of Africa (near Morocco to be more precise) and that the weather is pretty great but asides those fairly obvious facts, I didn’t know what to prepare myself for. The first thing that … Continue Reading

The last few days have been hectic but oh so fun-filled! If you’ve been on Instagram lately (@HandLuggageOnly), then you’ll have seen that we’ve been in Spain exploring Malaga. Before I run out of the door though, I just had to send a few postcards to you from Spain. From Malaga… From Ronda… From the … Continue Reading

Barcelona has been a firm favourite to visit for quite a while so as soon as we arrived, I wasted no time in doing the regular hotel faffing around and instead chucked my coat on, grabbed my camera and headed straight out of the door! Seeing as our hotel was smack in the middle of … Continue Reading

It’s safe to say this was a trip we’d been looking forward to for a while, and seeing as we had only two nights to spend in Madrid, we figured we might as well make it count and go for a hotel that definitely stands out. That hotel happened to be the Hotel Urso in Madrid’s … Continue Reading

Our trip to the Basque Country in Spain was definitely one of the most memorable trips we’ve had. We got to make new friends, eat lots of different and amazing foods to our heart’s contents and become a lot more open to travel. In the past, I’d  (like everyone else I suppose) been particularly keen … Continue Reading

Whenever you visit any city, especially if it’s for a weekend, it always makes sense to stay right in the centre of all the attraction. Okay, not smack bang in the middle but definitely close enough that you don’t end up spending you’re precious holiday time commuting to see all the sights. With this in … Continue Reading

We were intentionally left in the dark about a lot of the stuff we did in Valencia (it was definitely an amazing surprise itinerary) and so, we had no idea until we returned from watching the tango, to take us on a hot air balloon ride the very next morning! I can’t even begin to describe to … Continue Reading

Valencia has been on our travel-radar for many, many years. After snoozing as soundly as sleeping beauty but snoring as loudly as a ‘Shrek’ style Ogre ;-), Yaya and I headed straight out for our first adventure of the day. Sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean coast. You can only imagine how excited this made … Continue Reading

As per our last post here (and if you’ve been on our Instagram or Twitter) lately, you’ll probably have seen that we’re in Madrid. This trip to Madrid has been a lot busier than initially thought. I had this silly idea in my head that a trip to Madrid in winter would be a lot … Continue Reading

Valencia is one of the incredible Spanish cities you have to visit! It’s the kind of place that’s filled with thousands of years of history but also a heap of totally modern and shiny sides, too. This all means that there’s loads of totally epic and best things to do in Valencia that will be … Continue Reading

Fuerteventura was one of those islands that had always been on my radar but had somehow never visited. Actually, come to think of it, there are so many things that I always wanted to do and place I’d love to visit (even at home in glorious London Town) but somehow never manage to experience. Case in … Continue Reading