I’ve had a few questions over the past few months about what camera I use to take my photos, what accessories I have and what else I pack with me, photography-wise, when travelling. I planned on answering these questions all in one go on a post but yesterday, I figure I might as well put … Continue Reading

House hunting in London is one of the most stressful things you can do in the UK. It is probably what whoever coined the term “Rat Race” had in mind when he/she did. It’s genuinely exhausting and unbelievably time-consuming but after moving homes quite a few times in London, I’ve become something of an old … Continue Reading

1.) Money can’t buy happiness… but it can’t buy unhappiness either. What you do with the money you have is down to you. 2.) Be less modest! People need to be told how amazing you are. After all, how else will they know that there’s steak for dinner if you don’t let hear it sizzle! … Continue Reading

Pinterest is so many things to so many people. It’s a source of inspiration. A visual notepad. An excellent way to procrastinate on a rainy afternoon. Your ideal party planning tool. A treasure trove of ideas. The list is endless… The point is, lots of people use Pinterest for lots of things and increasingly, Pinterest … Continue Reading

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get distracted by everything that’s going on around you that you lose sight of who you truly are. It brings to mind a thing statisticians call separating “the signal” from “the noise“. “The signal” is that thing that you truly are – a truth that no one can shake, that … Continue Reading

Excess baggage fares are a particularly frustrating experience for any traveller to face. It’s like someone decided that packing for your trip and trying to catch your flight on time somehow wasn’t stressful enough and so they needed to add more hassle with that dreaded “luggage weighing” which could then potentially pack an expensive excess … Continue Reading

Travelling is always a unique personal experience – you see the world through your own eyes (literally and figuratively). You taste, smell and feel everything wherever you travel in manner that has everything to do with you little with someone else. Despite this, there are constantly “travel rules” being banded around that people expect you … Continue Reading

Night time photos can be some of the best photos you can take yet conversely one of the hardest photos to take! They either turn out fantastic or in really awful quality and there’s usually very little in between. Even the slightest movement when taking the photos can make such a difference to the photo … Continue Reading

Whether you actively set out to see wildlife (as you might in a safari or a trip to the zoo) or you happen to come across them totally randomly as you explore your current travel destination, it’s safe to say that taking photos of animals in their natural (or simulated) habitat can prove rather tricky. … Continue Reading

As can be expected, as winter beckons (at least here in Europe and of course across the pond in America), more and more people are starting to plan things for 2015 but hang on just a minute – we’re still in 2014. There is still a month and a half left until the end of … Continue Reading

Moving to a different country can be one of the most exciting yet most daunting things a person can do! I have been fortunate enough to have lived, both in different countries and in vastly different cities in these different countries (I’ve lived in Africa, Europe and Asia) and can definitely say that over time, … Continue Reading

Sometimes, when we’re out and about exploring new places on our travels, it’s very easy to forget to take care of yourself and prioritise your wellbeing over the sights we want to see, sounds we want to hear and food we want to eat (especially that last one). Your wellbeing should always be your first … Continue Reading

Everyone who knew who Maya Angelou was, is (and probably will be for a long time) in awe of her. This is nothing new. She went through so much and yet she came out of the other side, stronger, wiser and a beacon of light and hope for several generations. Growing up, I had always … Continue Reading

Sometimes saying NO is one of the hardest things to do and while it’s nice to be agreeable, amiable, helpful and so many other traits that come from being the “Yes-Woman/Man”, it’s sometimes really  is so good and liberating (not to mention helpful for your health and sanity) to just say no. Travelling, however big … Continue Reading