This was one thing I was soooo looking forward to long before we arrived in the Maldives!

Swimming with Manta Rays in the wild is such an amazing experience and I’d seen so many jealousy-inducing photos and videos before we returned to the Maldives so when we arrived in the Maafushivaru Maldives Resort, an island that’s perfect for sightings of manta rays, due to its southern location – I was understandably excited. To top things off – the dolphins came out to play as well!

Anyway, here’s our latest vlog from the Maldives where we finally got to swim with manta rays in the wild!


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Swimming With Manta Rays And Dolphins In The Maldives (2)

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  • That is just 50 shades of awesome!!! What an experience and to witness a dolphin giving birth too? Wow!
    Lovely resort… i’m actually in The Maldives right now (Ellaidhoo, North Ari atoll) 🙂 Hubby is diving and I am sitting out a thunderstorm…. even in the rain, it’s fabulous here!
    Happy New Year!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Ahhhhh… Okay, super jealous right now! Take us back with you! Haha!

      It’s such an incredible place isn’t it. Yeh, we were so lucky to see the dolphin giving birth… apparently some of the locals haven’t even seen that.

      Have the most amazing time… come rain or shine, it’s such a special place. xx

      Lloyd & yaya xx

  • Ronald Viscon (RestaVista)

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    • HandLuggageOnly

      Absolutely Ronald! Its such a special place!