Ireland is an incredible island to explore! And, realistically, It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the Republic of Ireland (in the south) or Northern Ireland (in the north-east); you’ll be spoilt for choice. After all, there’s a heap of the best places in Ireland that are dotted all across the island. 

That’s the thing about Ireland, there’s a little something for everyone! If you want to bigger cities like Dublin, then you’ll find a heap of tasty spots to visit. That being said, if you head further south, you’ll come across smaller cities like Galway that is a great stepping stone to see more of the unspoilt natural beauty of the region. 

Plus, there’s a shed load of stunning Irish castles that are totally gorgeous to explore. 

For myself,  I’ve always had a heartfelt kinship with everything Irish! You see, early in the last century, my grandparents emigrated from Ireland to England, which I proudly proclaim to anyone that’ll listen. This all makes Ireland feel like a second home to me; plus, everyone is totally friendly and warm, too. 

19 Stunning Things To See And Do Across Ireland (29)

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the best places in Ireland to visit on your next trip. Have the best time exploring. 

1.) Visit Dunluce Castle

Best Places In Ireland (1)

Dunluce Castle is one of Northern Ireland’s most stunning medieval castles in Ireland to visit. This alone makes it one of the best places in Ireland to explore, especially if you love history.

Best Places In Ireland (6)

Yup, it may be ruined but that shouldn’t stop you from making a visit. Perched on the rugged cliffs of north County Antrim, It’s a great place to explore the long (and sometimes fraught) history of this beautiful country.

Plus, you can easily partner this with a trip to Giant’s Causeway, too. It’s just down the road if you have a car. 

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2.) Explore Dublin

Best Places In Ireland (7)

Trust me when I say, there’s more to Dublin than meets the eye!

From places like The Guinness Storehouse, Temple Bar and Trinity College Library to the yummy Klaw eatery and other tasty foodie gems that are scatted across this amazing city.

Of course, you can forget a visit to Trinity College Library, too. Oh, and Temple Bar and the Dublin Castle, too. 

Also, don’t forget to visit around New Year’s Eve, the whole city comes alive with an amazing mix of music, fireworks, lights and celebrations. You can see more of NYE in Dublin, here.

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3.)  Visit Kylemore Abbey

Best Places In Ireland (16)

Founded on the very spot of Kylemore Castle,  Kylemore Abbey has called this place home for almost 100 years.

Make sure to visit this stunner of an estate and also visit  Kylemore’s Neo-Gothic Church that’s a 10-minute stroll down the road.

If you’re in the area, make sure to visit Connemara National Park too;  there are some impressive hikes that you can do around this protected and stunning landscapes. Though, as with all hikes, make sure to follow the trails and keep to defined routes.

4.) See Keem beach, Achill Island

Best Places In Ireland (20)

Thankfully, there’s no need to suffer any sea-sickness here, Achill Island is easily reached by a bridge that connects it to the west coast of Ireland.

Plus, it’s one of the best places in Ireland that’s too stunning to ignore.

Think, rugged cliffs, gorgeous beaches and beautiful natural landscapes, it really is an amazing island to explore.

Don’t forget to soak up the Atlantic Sea breeze at Keem Beach too! It’s beautiful on a sunny day. 

5.) Visit Doonagore Castle

Best Places In Ireland (15)

Doonagore Castle is possibly one of Ireland’s most iconic ‘castles’ or towers.

Although the castle itself isn’t open to visitors like us, we can at least take in its picturesque charm, which you definitely have to see if you’re in County Clare or close to the village of Doolin.

It really is a beauty and one of the best places in Ireland to see as part of a wider road trip.

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6.) Trek around the Cliffs of Moher

Best Places In Ireland (2)

Probably one of Ireland’s most iconic natural landmarks, the Cliffs of Moher is a stunning piece of the Irish coastline to explore. It’s easily one of the best places in Ireland to explore, especially when partnering it with a wider journey across the Wild Atlantic Way. 

Being one of the most iconic sites, you should anticipate a fair few visitors. That being said, if you arrive early or later in the afternoon, you can miss some of the bigger crowds that sometimes gather. 

Best Places In Ireland (5)

It’s about a 90-minute drive from Galway and really easy to visit when you’re there. 

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7.) Walk the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Best Places In Ireland (11)

Perched to nearby Ballintoy, the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge is a charming little rope bridge that connects Carrickarede Island to Northern Ireland itself.

This centuries-old bridge is the perfect place to wander and head on the Carrick-a-Rede coastal walk where you’ll catch a glimpse of the caverns and dramatic scenery of this area.

It’s one of the best places in Ireland to see, especially when exploring the north coast of Northern Ireland. Partner this up with a visit to Giants Causeway, too. They’re not too far from each other. 

8.) See the iconic Giants Causeway

Best Places In Ireland (17)

Okay, so Giants Causeway isn’t just a geologists dream address, it’s a really fascinating and a captivating sight to see for us travellers too! What makes these basalt columns so special is that there are literally tens of thousands of them all perched along the shorefront about 3 miles or so from the nearest town of Bushmills.

In the summer months, you can visit Giants Causeway until around 9 pm, which is totally lovely. 

Just be aware, it can be a busy spot as it’s one of the most famous and best places in Ireland that people come to see here. 

9.) Explore Belfast

Best Places In Ireland (13)

The capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast has rooted itself on the east coast of Ireland with loads of things for us visitors to experience.

Make sure you visit the Crumlin Road Gaol, see the stunning artefacts at the Ulster Museum and explore the relatively new Titanic Belfast which is home to the world’s largest Titanic experience.

For a tasty bite to eat, head over to the Muddlers Club who make an epic Chocolate Crumble! We loved it here.

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10.) Discover the Stormont Estate

Best Places In Ireland (10)

Perched just outside the city centre of Belfast, Stormont is the Parliamentary home of Northern Ireland. 

If you want to visit the Northern Ireland Assembly, make sure to visit before 4 pm, after which it is closed to the public.

You can also organise a tour which will allow you to explore much more of the estate and gardens, alongside the House on the Hill. It’s easily one of the best places in Ireland to see if you’re already on a city-break in Belfast. 

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11.) Wander through The Dark Hedges

Best Places In Ireland (18)

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you’ll know this site straight away.

These tunnel-like row of beech trees are a few centuries old, making them a big old knot of twisty and weaving branches.

The easiest way to visit the Dark Hedges is by car and if it helps, this postcode BT53 8TP will get you within a stone’s throw of the hedges themselves (as long as you have a GPS system, obviously).  🤣

12.) Enjoy the watersports at Glassilaun Beach

Best Places In Ireland (14)

The sandy Glassilaun Beach near Galway is one of Ireland’s best beaches (shhh, don’t tell the others I said that).

Head over and enjoy the watersports, kitesurfing and boogie boarding you can do on the shoreline.

Alternatively, if you’re a big kid like me, just spend all day eating ice-cream and making sandcastles. It’s totally gorgeous on a sunny day, though it can get pretty nippy with that wind! 

13.) Explore the city of Galway 

Best Things To Do In Galway (11)

One of Ireland’s most westerly cities, Galway is one of the best places in Ireland to visit. 

Make sure to wander through the medieval, Kirwan’s Lane, visit the (almost 500-year-old) Spanish Arch and take a crafty cruise on the River Corrib.

If you’re looking for a great place to fill your tummy, head over to, John Keogh’s, The Lock Keeper who create some tasty seafood chowder that’s a warming treat after exploring Galway Bay.

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14.) Wander through Killarney National Park

Best Places In Ireland (8)

Officially the first national park in Ireland, Killarney National Park is the perfect place to head out into the unspoilt countryside of Ireland.

Make sure to pack your rambling shoes and head out onto one of the many stunning trails that crisscross this place.

Don’t forget to wander the lake’s shoreline too, it really is one of the best places in Ireland to go for a ramble. 

15.) See Ross Castle

Best Places In Ireland (12)

Killarney National Park isn’t just home to an unspoilt natural landscape, it’s also home to Ross Castle. Being a 500-year-old castle, on the edge of Lough Leane, it’s easily one of the best places in Ireland to discover.

It’s a great place to explore for a few hours, just make sure to take a few coins to pay for entry.

Tours tend to run every half hour and cost around €5-10, or so.

16.) Kiss the Blarney Stone

19 Stunning Things To See And Do Across Ireland (11)

This slab of limestone at Blarney Castle has become legendary as the spot to receive the ‘gift of the gab’ or being able to flirt your way through life.

You will have to queue to kiss the stone, but who cares if you’re getting the ‘gift of the gab’. You’ll be able to talk yourself out of any queue in the future!

Ha! 🤣

17.) Drive the Wild Atlantic Way

Best Places In Ireland (3)

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of Western Europe’s most iconic drives and one of the best places in Ireland for a road trip!

Take the scenic route and discover a whole heap of stunning sites you’ll want to explore, such as; Downpatrick Head, Loop Head, Keem Bay and the Old Head of Kinsale.

Best Places In Ireland (19)

The whole coastal route is just so stunning and the perfect way to explore the western coastline.

18.) See the views from Ben Bulben

Best Places In Ireland (9)

Part of the Dartry Mountains, Ben Bulben is a unique and iconic mountain to see in Ireland. The hike itself isn’t the hardest, though it might not be ideal for very young children or people with impaired mobility.

Pack your hiking shoes, take plenty of water and head out to see the views from the very top. the forest walk is just amazing too. If you love hikes, you’ll easily find this one of the best places in Ireland to explore (by foot).

19.) See The Burren & Poulnabrone Dolmen

Best Places In Ireland (4)

This tomb is well over 4,000 years old and a reminder to the long history that Ireland has. Located relatively close to Ballyvaughan and on top of The Burren, it’s one iconic Irish site you have to see (and it’s free).

Just make sure you plan your visit early in the morning or early evening, this way you’ll have a much quieter experience.

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