If you’re not a fan of having a good old fashioned knees up / a boogie / a hoe-down / a shin-dig / whatever-old-fashion-and-probably-outdated-slang-there-is-for-partying, then look away now 😃 😀 – this is probably not the post for you!

If you however are a fan of letting your hair down (literally or figuratively – who cares! 😉 ), then you’re in the right place! So grab yourself a mojito, a pint or whatever your tipple of choice is and let’s get on with 8 amazing cities across the world to party in!

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1.) Bangkok, Thailand

8 Of The Best Cities In The World To Party In (1)

To be fair though, this applies to a lot of other places in Thailand outside of Bangkok but if you’re looking for a guaranteed good time then Bangkok’s your city! Don’t get me wrong, it can be quite hectic, crazy and manic but the capital of Thailand is known for its stark contrast to the country’s more laidback and pristine sandy beaches! But then again, we’ve already established that you like a good night out in town right?

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There’s lots of adventure (and indeed, misadventure) to be had in Bangkok (so you know, use your common sense) but if ever you wanted an unihibited party experience quite unlike any other place you’ve been to, Bangkok is where you need to be!

2.) Las Vegas, Nevada

As destinations go, Vegas is pretty much the epitome of decadence! Everything is just so much bigger, so much brighter and so much crazier here! This is a city that is unapologetic about the fact that it’s built for you to throw your inhibitions (and probably lack of shame) away at the door as soon as you and pick it up when you leave.

Even the clubs here are bigger and brighter than you’d find in many other cities in the world – the obvious names are of course XS, Marquee and Hakkasan (though The Bank at The Bellagio – which is where we stayed when we visited, is not bad at all – from what I remember anyway).

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Oh, and when you visit, you can save on shelling out for drinks by ordering from one of the waitresses roaming around the casino halls – the drinks are free (you do have to give a little tip – typically $1 each time they get you a drink) and I guess the rationale for the casinos is that drunk guests make for more eager/less inhibited gamblers so they make their money back that way.

3.) Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul has got every aspect of a night out covered, from decent food at a Korean BBQ to amazing clubs. The best thing about partying in Seoul is that it doesn’t quite take itself seriously so you can just relax and focus on actually having a good time. Anyone who’s ever been to any pretentious club in Mayfair in London will know exactly what I  mean here and why this is so important. You go out to have fun after all not end up spending the whole evening preening and worrying about if you look good enough or pandering to your already burgeoning social anxiety.

There’s something kitsch about the youthful, carefree party scene here which makes you really let your hair down. If coloured wigs and dance-move-inspiring party anthems aren’t your thing, Seoul has plenty of ‘shiny’ venues too so you literally have no excuse for not having a good time on a night out in Seoul.

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*Sidebar: Chicken and beer sounds like such a basic thing to have for dinner on a night out but in Seoul, they’ve basically turned this into an art form and I can’t recommend it enough. 😀 (Your lack of a solid hangover the next day will be thanking me!)

4.) Ibiza, Spain

This Is The Most Amazing Tapas Restaurant In Ibiza (26)

Partying in Ibiza might seem like a bit of a travel clichĂ© but honestly, clichĂ©s and stereotypes exist for a reason sometimes – this island is party-popular for a reason! In fact, it’s one of the few places in Europe that is known for partying which has somehow managed to stay cool while still embracing that whole hard core partying image!

(*For the uninitiated, a lot of places where Europeans – I’m gonna say mostly Brits and Germans – love to party are not places a lot of people looking for a relaxed and chilled holiday would even think of visiting – Ibiza totally bucks that trend).

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Does it have a reputation as a party island because of its number of amazing clubs, or does it have so many amazing clubs in order to live up to its reputation as a party island? We’ll never know (nor do we really care) but with its legendary venues frequented by celebrities from Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio (never quite sure if his surname is one or two words), to your 18 year old post A-levels student, it’s fairly easy to see that the lure of Ibiza cuts across class, language, gender or any other societal construct you can think of.

5.) Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is frequently named ‘The Marvellous City’ and it’s well known for its larger than life party scene. There are parties going on here 24/7. With its raucous beach parties, waterfront disco clubs and beautiful dancers, Rio’s carnival-vibe party life is a once in a lifetime experience. Indeed, if you can make it to Rio for carnival, it’s totally worth visiting.

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Do remember, this is Rio and it doesn’t have a reputation for being one of the safest cities in the world so keep your wits about you and ask for proper recommendations before you head out to party.

6.) Miami, Florida

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When it comes to its party scene, Miami did not come to play games – Miami came to win! 😆 Locals, tourists, models and celebrities… whoever, all will find a party spot that’s just perfect for them in this city which knows how to have fun!

People watching in Miami. Muscle, Beach and Cars. (5)

With its artsy open air bars in the arts district, to the upscale bars around Brickell, Miami has something to feed party animals of every kind!

7.) Berlin, Germany

What To See In Berlin Germany (17)

Berlin’s party scene is certainly not something for the faint-hearted. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely find some clubs/bars here that are fairly PC and great for the more conservative party goer but if you really have a night out in Berlin (and of course, are not actually from Berlin) then prepare to be shocked… or the very least, quite surprised! Like seriously, 50 shades of grey has nothing on some of the clubs in Berlin and there are quite a few places where the club just carries on for days!

One of the most famous of course has to be Berghain, where, till date, no one quite knows the criteria for entry into the club. You could almost as easily be allowed in as you can be turned away from the club regardless of how you dress, what language you speak or what you look like. (*When you get in though, you might very quickly realise why they don’t allow just anyone in). Oh, and the most important part, a night out in Berlin is relatively cheap so let the good times roll in!

8.) Tel Aviv, Israel

8 Of The Best Cities In The World To Party In (5)

Tel Aviv is known for its edgy DJ scene and has spawned big names like Borgore and Infected Mushroom (okay, I admit – a friend told me about these guys, my knowledge of famous DJs doesn’t stray too far from the mainstream). Since this city never sleeps, there’s no rush to get going: the parties start late and don’t end until morning (if they ever do end). A massive one quarter of a million people also flock to the city to celebrate Pride here each year and this is one of the biggest parties in the city.

Honorable mention:

Okay, the reason I haven’t gone for other cities like London, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo because these are all cities which I’d probably just lump into the honourable mentions category. They’re all very diverse global cities with incredible vast nightlife options and so they’re like the most obvious easiest choices. You can throw a rock and hit at least 10 different clubs that are perfect for you regardless of what sort of nightlife you’re into.

Essentially, these are places where anyone of us already knows the nightlife is great and what fun would be it be to re-state the obvious, eh? Ergo, the addition of these 5 incredible cities into the honourable mentions bit. 🙂

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