The past week (and a half) has been so stressful! I kinda forgot how tricky house hunting in London was and got a full reminder this past week. Thankfully, it’s all sorted now! I really want to show you around but I can’t just yet as I have nothing in the flat (the most valuable … Continue Reading

Cornwall is a delightful gem (in the south-west of the UK) and one of the few places in the UK that boasts brilliant weather. The beaches are amazing, the people delightful and the clotted cream delicious. 12 Amazing Things To See In Cornwall, England

The opening of Winter Wonderland is right around the corner (I wasn’t entirely sure when they’d be opened but according to their website, the gates open from the 21st of November!). Following on from my list of things you have to do in London over winter, here’s a deeper dive into one of said activities … Continue Reading

London is filled with activities to do all year round however it gets totally transformed during winter and there are some activities that either isn’t available at any time of the year or are dramatically different during winter. Here are some things you just have to do in London this winter. 1.) Go Ice Skating … Continue Reading

WARNING: Do not click on this post (or scroll down further) if you can’t handle seeing fictional villains looking gory and having a great time! 😉 Decided you’re brave enough to proceed? Great! Follow me as I walk you through that one time of the year – Halloween in London when fictional evil villains take … Continue Reading

I know this isn’t our typical post and you’d be right. This is more of a personal post but I have been overwhelmed by messages of congratulations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about my graduation from The University of Cambridge this weekend that I just had to share the full set of photos with you! It … Continue Reading

The Hebrides are an archipelago off the coast of Scotland (essentially they’re Scottish islands, or at least that’s how I like to think of them) and they’re absolutely amazing! Rather than explain in a long-winded, roundabout way why you have to go visit them – I figured I’d show you! 1.) That Landscape 2.) These … Continue Reading

The Cotswolds is the epitome of quaint British beauty! The rolling hills and meadows always make for a welcome distraction from the manic-ness that is London and this is even more so when you get to celebrate your the union of your friends (this is my roundabout way of saying I went to the Cotswolds … Continue Reading

It’s almost that time of the year again in London. The air starts to get crisper, layers of clothing thicken and daylight hours get shyer and shyer… Yup, it’s almost winter time! It is still (quite surprisingly too) unseasonably warm and dry in London! London obviously hasn’t gotten the memo that summer is over and … Continue Reading

The pride of Britain lies within its countryside and there are fewer places in the UK to get a truly authentic experience of British life than in its villages. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the best places to go in the UK that aren’t just the obvious spots. Yes, we’ve … Continue Reading

It was my friend’s birthday this weekend and we all converged in the countryside for a proper knees-up to celebrate said birthday! The day itself involved quite a lot of wine, beers and cider  – along with generous lashing of delicious pub grub before the evening descended into a state of thoroughly fun organised chaos. The … Continue Reading

Sometimes, when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the madness of the city that is London, it’s so easy to forget how beautiful and magnificent it is! Sometimes, it takes having to show visitors around to remind you of that. In truth, most times, I love London (it is … Continue Reading

There is much diversity across the UK, with towering glacial valleys, historic coves and almost tropical environments. That being said, with some many of the best natural sights in the UK to visit, it can actually hard to just pinpoint a mere few for a trip. This is one of the reasons why I wanted … Continue Reading

Come take a journey with me to find out where the last dragon lay… This day was one of those days that was filled with unexpected delights! I’d long driven past this little village and never been to explore it and today, on the search for something but not looking for anything really, we all … Continue Reading