Right, no long rambles, I want to get right into it and share some of my favourite cities in the US to visit. Honestly, there are so many to explore, I think it might end up taking me decades to see them all! 

Anyway, I’m already rambling more than I said I would! Take a look at some of my favourite cities in the US (up to now). There might be a few more in the future! 

1.) Key West

My 7 Favourite Cities in the US and Why! (14)

Tropical Paradise! Stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches and the origin of the amazing Key Lime pies.

The US is pretty lucky to have Key West (in my opinion) as it’s like having a tropical holiday destination right where you live (though I know this pretty far to travel for most people in the country it’s worth the trip)

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2.) New York

Things To See New York (5)

This one is an obvious one! There are so many great areas in New York to explore. 

So reminiscent of London yet on a much larger scale! Everything seems (and is) so much bigger in New York yet the people remind me of Londoners in so many ways.

Diverse, individual, über fashionable and energetic.

The city itself is chock-a-block with things to see and do and it’s safe to say that whatever you’re into, you’ll probably find it in New York (along with like-minded individuals).

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3.) Seattle

12 Best Things To Do In Seattle (6)

Seattle is the laidback hippie-est of the lot. People here come across as generally very relaxed and Seattle has an abundance of stunning mountain vistas to create a rather picturesque backdrop on the city.

It feels like one of the most naturally beautiful cities yet with a small-town feel to a bit of it. Plus, it has Pike Place Market, too.

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4.) Boston

12 Of The Best Things to do in Boston On A First Time Visit (15)

Boston is the intellectual centre of the US!

Able to #humblebrag about having several world standard Universities (like Havard and MIT) Boston is a city filled with some pretty smart people and amazing nightlife.

It’s not as ‘energetic’ as New York but it still makes for a rather fun US city. One of my favourite things about Boston is how cheap seafood is here – especially more expensive items like lobster.

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5.) New Orleans

best things to do in New Orleans (12)

 Heart, soul and unmatchable energy! New Orleans is a city for musicians (pretty obvious why), hedonists and foodies.

New Orleans also has a rather distinct culture from other cities in the US and a trip here is one that sets itself apart from any experience you’ll get anywhere else.

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6.) Las Vegas

Best Things To Do In Las Vegas (14)

Sin City; this was the one that surprised me of the lot.

I was expecting to enjoy finally getting to experience it in person rather than via films/tv but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much I’d want to go back. It’s a city filled with people looking for fun and excitement and as a result, is geared towards just that.

Surprisingly as well, it’s a city that can also serve as a holiday destination for young families too!

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7.) San Antonio

My 7 Favourite Cities in the US and Why! (30)

Laidback and filled to the brim with Texan charm, San Antonio is a lovely city for a nice little getaway.

It also boasts the Alamo and the Riverwalk (which are a must-do when you visit). Don’t expect the crazy hustle and bustle of typical cities here though; San Antonio is much more chilled than that. 

21 Fun Cities In The US To Visit

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