There are a heap of the most romantic cities in the world to visit; so much so that it can be tricky to nail down a few that really shine. Not only that, each country and then continent seem to have their favourites that are incredible to visit. 

Plus, there’s also a heap of epic places to propose, too. 

This exactly why I wanted to share some most romantic cities in the world that you’ll love. Now, rather than include just traditional list of firm favourites, I’ve included a fair few curveballs that’ll hopefully intrigue you, too. 

Some of these cities on the list are cities that have been voted time and time again as amongst the most romantic in the world. And, let’s be honest, with good reason too. That being said, there’s a few that I hope you hadn’t thought about either?

Each of the most romantic cities in the world has a totally gorgeous, romantic element to them. Some are paired with a flair of adventure, history or just great places to chill with a loved one.

Plus, each of the cities has a heap of the best places to eat, too. After all, a romantic date over a meal of burnt chicken and wilted veggies is bound to put even the most romantic of individuals off.

Most Romantic Cities In The World To Visit

Anyway, take a look below at some of the most romantic cities in the world to visit. Have the best trip. 

1.) Paris

The 12 Best Markets In Paris You Have To Visit (2)

Often known as the city of love, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world to visit. After all, it’s got the Eiffel Tower and a heap of other gorgeous spots, too. 

Type of couple: Varies greatly. At one extreme we have the artistic types who see life in vivid colour and speak in sonnets.

On the other hand, we have the love birds who think their time in Paris totally defines them whereas if they looked close enough, they’d realise they actually brought said ‘magic’ with them in the first place.

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2.) Venice

Venice is easily known as one of the most romantic cities in the world to visit, that’s a given. Honestly, with all its canals, gondolas and stunning architecture, it’s a place you kinda can’t beat.

Photos And Postcards From Venice, Italy (18)

Type of couple: Came to see the sights, and maybe propose.

They then proceeded to meet the love of their life in front of a beautiful monument. Almost like something from a romance novel. They don’t like romance novels.

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3.) London

Okay, so London is totally amazing!

That being said, it doesn’t have the same reputation as one of the most romantic cities in the world to visit. Though, with neighbours like Paris, what do you expect? 

London has some many epic areas to visit and a heap of tasty restaurants and best views that totally make it romantic. 

Type of couple: Grounded earthy people who really enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle of London. Will probably end up having 5 children (they started off only really wanting 2) and living in a huge converted farmhouse in the country. 😉

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4.) New York

There are so many epic areas of New York to visit; with so many things to do in Manhattan, too! It’s the kind of city that’s buzzing with life, tasty restaurants and the most amazing views. 

Type of couple: The kind of couple that you will still find partying together well into their 80s. They also have annoying inside jokes that no one else is privy to – will refuse to elaborate on said jokes and instead exchange knowing smiles.

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5.) Florence

Best Things To Do In Florence (7)

Florence is totally stunning and perched in the heart of Tuscany. It’s easily one of the most romantic cities in the world to visit and well worth spending around five days exploring. 

Type of couple: They revel in life. They enjoy good food – their standard of ‘good food’ is so much higher than yours. They also enjoy fine wines and genuinely appreciate long strolls around the city. 

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6.) Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the best cities in Portugal that’s totally stunning. Make sure to spend some time exploring the tiny little streets and pop over to the fairytale palaces of Sintra, too. 

It really is one of the most romantic cities in the world to visit.  Also, make sure to look out for the best views in Lisbon and also the tastiest restaurants in the city. 

Type of couple: The artists. Free Spirits. Thinkers. Charity Workers. Dancers. All rolled into one.

They have the love life that makes them the envy of their friends and is likely to live or have lived in several cities over the years. They’re real salt of the earth people and some of your best friends.

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7.) San Francisco

San Francisco might not instantly come to mind when you think of the most romantic cities in the world to visit, but it should.

You see, it’s a place that has some of the best restaurants, a heap of things to do and a history that goes back centuries. On top of’s also a got Napa Valley that’s not too far away and perfect if you want a vineyard getaway. 

Type of couple: Smart. Like really smart. They eat organic foods and have intellectual conversations. Occasionally come out with something remarkably dumb and you love them more for this. Genuinely do not understand the life of an artist though conversely really appreciate (and are enthusiastic about) the artists’ work.

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8.) Rome

Rome is a pretty big city to visit in Italy and an incredible place to explore the Roman side of the city. Also, you can easily partner this with a trip to the Vatican, too. 

Just make sure to find some of the secret spots and also know how to find the best gelato. You’ll have the best time. 

Type of couple: Loves to travel. One half studied art history at some point or is really into art and architecture. Probably has a little more pocket money to spend as it can be more expensive than other cities. 

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9.) Bruges

Perched within Belgium, Bruges is such a quaint and pretty city to visit. It’s well worth visiting to explore some of the histories and stroll the cobbled streets. It’s totally gorgeous. 

Type of couple: Takes pleasure of out even the smallest things. Genuinely positive and upbeat. Loves food. Any kind doesn’t matter which. Amazing cooks and can typically be found intertwined in each other’s arms in front of the TV or a fireplace reading a good book.

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10.) The Maldives 

Okay, fine, the Maldives isn’t a city in itself but more a heap of tiny little islands that span the Indian Ocean. Now, it might not be technically classified as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it’s still a totally romantic getaway. 

Type of couple: The Maldives is a kind of paradise that’s perfect for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon. It’s a totally stunning place to chill out if you like lazy days, luxury and a whole lot of incredible coral reefs. 

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